How many suits of armor is too many?

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Eldwain, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Eldwain


    So I've Just kinda been wondering about this and thought I would shoot a post out about it and start sort of a general discussion on the subject. How many suits of armor do you guys have? I only have one at this point (with my second on the way) and I want to build quite a few more, but I cant imagine storing more than two of these things. I just was wondering how you guys store their armor, how many suits you have? how many suits do you think is too many (if that's even possible) Let me know what you think, thanks!
  2. peterthethinker


    I have one. . Yet Ive planned and budgeted 3 more .. space is a issue . .
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  3. LoneLegionary


    I have two halves of different armors. My plan was to build one set of armor and then make various helmets to go with. As to a limit I would say it depends to your storage space. I don't think theres an defined concept of "too much armor"
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  4. hobbitdude13

    hobbitdude13 Member

    There's only too many when I've run out of garage space.
  5. Jetskigunner


    As of right now. I have two Halo suits and a Batsuit. No such thing as too many. I like to look at them and see how much better I've gotten with each build.
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  6. Eldwain


    Right now im kinda thinking about having one suit from each game. Obviously this will take me quite some time and I know its not happening anytime soon. But I think it would be could to have all the different generations of armor (ie. an ODST, Reach Spartan, Master Chief Mk II, my own Spartan 4, etc.) There are just too many suits, I want them all, lol.
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  7. PinnacleCosplay


    I say as long as you have the space to store them, there is no such thing as too many. Right now I have a spartan suit and a Commander Shepard suit. Both are in my room for now (Shepard is in a large black tote) and my spartan is just hanging out on my mannequin. Im moving to a new place soon with my own garage space so storage won't be an issue for me. I'm looking forward to building more.
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  8. Xav kitsune

    Xav kitsune

    you can never have too much, just sell the ones you don't have space for.
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  9. Jme


    As many as the wife allows.

    "I'm just a witness"
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  10. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    I'm afraid to answer. :facepalm
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  11. MNCProps

    MNCProps Jr Member

    Right now I got parts of a Halo suit, a complete Samus' armor, a mandalorian armor and a Turian armor. I know my storage room is no way close to be full.
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  12. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff that I have a moment, I'll make a list that I'm sure to the medical community could be documented as some weird type of hoarding.

    Active 501st gear - Galactic Marine, OT Snowtrooper and a OT Scout

    Currently in some stages of being worked on - Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Boushh, Zam Wesell, OT TK, OT Sandtrooper, Joker Squad Fem Trooper, AT-DP Pilot, Sabine Wren, and Bo Katan

    Non-Star Wars armor - Alice in Wonderland battle armor, Warhammer Sister of Battle, ODST.

    Ordered and on it's way and sort of armor ish.......all the bits to finish my Ghostbuster proton pack and wand.

    Just waiting for the run to open up in the new few days for a New Order TK and soon (fingers crossed) a New Order Snowtrooper. I'm also waiting to get the rest of the parts for Shae Vizla, a bounty hunter from the game Knights of the Old Republic. I have the helmet, jet pack and blaster. Just waiting on the amazing artist to finish up the rest and to start selling pulls.

    Those are just armor costumes.......the list of all costumes is a little too scary for me, although just having moved, I'm painfully aware of just how much crap I have.
  13. PerniciousDuke


    You have so many good Star Wars costumes!! I have a question regarding New Order Stormtroopers that I cannot find the answer to online. In one scene of TFA, there are two troopers on either side of a plain clothed captain and the troopers have a white face, didn't look like they even had eye holes.. Do you know what those troopers were called?
  14. peterthethinker


    Oh how I know the feeling, I am in the same boat. Ive got 20 various superhero and Anime and TV costumes hanging on my walls. From LoZ Link to the TopGear STIG to Wolverine.
    Most are easy to hang. HALO armor does not store well in spacebags so MC4 gets his own pelican case.

    And lets not forget props!. The Halo 14 props Ive whipped up or bought in the past year has annexed my kitchen walls .
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  15. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Likely Snowtroopers. There were in a lot of scenes. They have a slit instead of eyes now.
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  16. Jme


    Holy cow fangs!

    "I'm just a witness"
  17. Dirtdives


    After listing all of this.......I can see why you had to move.......You need a small warehouse to move in to. hope the rent isn't too high.
  18. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    I see that I didn't mention that I'm building an R2-D2 as well. Just cuz I didn't have enough projects....and I'm crazy. Potentially certifiable.

    The Sister of Battle is getting rebuilt for DragonCon. I took it with me two years ago and learned a ton from the build and wearing it. I'm ready to redo it and fix all the issues. It was my first really big foam and Worbla project.

    And I forgot about a Destiny Warlock. I'm cheating a little on this one. A talented friend of mine is making the bits and pieces for me and I'm doing all of the soft parts. I'm going for the female Warlock that was part of the live action commercial - the one with the gold helmet. I have the helmet already. It's a raw kit so lots of work to be done on that.

    Plus my Scout and Galactic Marine need pretty major overhauls. Both are about 8 or 9 years old and need some upgrades and replacements.

    OH! And my Predator! How did I forget that! I bought armor years ago from someone who made it for his wife and then she decided she didn't want to do it any longer. But now that I can work well with foam and worbla, I think I'll make my own. I was fortunate to find a scaled down head and that's all painted up. I still need to add the dreads, which I have. I have kids sized Predator feet and I think the kids sized Voldemort hands I found will work. Missing piece is the skin suit. I can't find anyone who makes them for short women. So I'm looking at options for that.

    I think that's it....maybe. And just for giggles, look up "dresses from Martha Washington Ball". I'm working on one of those monsters as well. And ummm...redoing my 2015 Cinderella Fairy Godmother, Sansa's first wedding dress, Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon 2, Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus, Letitia MacKenzie from Outlander, redo of my Bellatrix Lestrange, the Queen's wedding dress from the horrible movie Mirror, Mirror, Hera from Star Wars Rebels, and Amidala's Throne Room Invasion Dress from Phantom Menace. If I kept listing the ones I have bits and pieces for one of you might take it upon yourself to call my local looney bin. Suffice it to say, I've got a very busy year ahead of me but one that I hope will clear out a lot of this backlog of projects.

    EDIT: OMG....I forgot Dredd. I have a finished Judge Hershey from the Stallone Dredd and all of the bits and pieces for a Judge Anderson from the new Dredd.
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  19. Jme


    Oh. My. God.

    "I'm just a witness"
  20. kaween


    Ha ! That's one I'll never need, as that's what I see looking back at me in the mirror on a bad morning. :D

    But honestly, that's a very impressive list to say the least. And crazy ? No, this stuff is probably what prevents you from going totally overboard. :lol
    And a bit of crazy never hurted anyone.
    In fact, quite the opposite as the worst catastrophes in human history were caused by people who took them selves far too seriously.

    So if anything, you're a shining example in an already far too grey world.
    Don't ever change that.
  21. Dirtdives


  22. Jme


    I watched a YouTube clip of the Dredd movie, I think I need to watch the whole thing. "We have 10, you have 2" was excellent!

    "I'm just a witness"
  23. Jme


    Hey Fangs, special treat.

    "I'm just a witness"
  24. Jme


    I found an old photo of the first serious costume I ever made. The Borg (circa 1994 and yes I am dating myself). All I need is Eight more posts and I can upload pictures...

    "I'm just a witness"
  25. Jme


    Did I mention that I also did a zombie costume a couple of years ago?

    "I'm just a witness"

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