how much money will i need for a spartan suit

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i love halo

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how much money will it take to make a spartan suit cause i have a limited buget and i need cheap alteritives. (srry bad speller) :D
Tasty Bread did it with cardboard for roughly 30 dollars. A decent Pepekura suit will run you about 200 dollars. A top notch suit will run you 1-2 thousand.
drgon47 said:
Tasty Bread did it with cardboard for roughly 30 dollars. A decent Pepekura suit will run you about 200 dollars. A top notch suit will run you 1-2 thousand.
thanks how difficult are the cardbord ones to make
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depends. grab a boxcutter, some duct tape, maybe a xacto knife. then go to the gallery section of this forum and then the armor reference photos. Then get at it. Layers really help for the detail.
seeing all i need is resin wich is about 60$ thats all mine cost :D so i suggest trying pepakura cus its cheap.
oh crap i need paint o_O
I have already spent easily 500 bucks and I only have the rough sculpt of a helmet on the bust of my head done.

I estimate about 1000 - 2000 bucks more to finish the project for me. "thank god for a high limit credit card! lol"

Bluerealm stated once that he has spent enough to buy a car and isnt done yet
Were about 80 -100 bucks in so far, and we only got hand plates and forearms done and painted we start the halo3 armor tuesday oct, 2 this year :lol: - we estimate around 400 -500 dollars for completion expense :lol: . Were taking our time plus with work and kids, We really need to pace ourselfs!! :tutu: (y)
Sorry for double posting but DAMNIT I REALLY WANT TO POST SOME PIX OF WHAT it looks like soo far!! I thank adam and chris for our design of MC halo armor siut!!! As soon as we get both arms, chest, back plate, helmet, IM POSTING IT!!! oh BTW were a noob biulding team!!
I got $100 invested so far. I need more tape, cardboard, pait, padding. So i expect at least $74 more. Im only 4'11 so my suit wont be that big so i will use less paint.
i spent like 50 altogether. The visor was 25 and then the spraypaint was around 25 for like 8 cans. The rest was duct tape (already had) and cardboard (unlimited supply)
well my sorta suit is pretty good i got alot of praise from making it and wearing it and how it looked i was gonna fix it up so it may cost me another 20 dollars but my suit how it is right now cost me 32 dollars to make
Hmm lets see , spent $40 on cardstock (couldnt get scaling right ) , $50 on fiberglass resin so far , $30 on fiber mat , 2weeks of time just to find out after fiberglassing suit it was just a bit to small to fit , so starting all over again with slyfos pep and gonna try again still need paint and bondo , leds, fans and visors,so guess if ya mess up like i did a couple times could cost alot.
For me, it would be about $50 for the visor, $25 for the fiberglass and $25 for the cardstock. That will give you the basics and nothing more.

Then you get into bondo, which is $12 a container, and lights, double visor etc...

You could easily rack up to $200 on a high detail suit, but that's only if you take your time and don't make any second pieces.
Fiberglass for 12-18 dollars will do a suit some real good.

Resin for 24 dollars

Visor for 30-40

paint for 30-40
Wow I read some of these and im just amazed at the costs, I never really expected it would be so much. What are you making them out of? Gold?
Im thinking of making a large collection of weapons for just about 50 bucks. If I decide to make it out of clay and make a mold then craft plastic MA5C I could mass produce and sell them, but Id rather not invest that much moolah into it.

But seriously, what brings it up to the thousands? I know resin shouldnt cost that much, neither should fiberglass and visor. So whats so exspensive about those suits?
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