How Tall Is Everyone?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by xomanowar, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. xomanowar

    xomanowar Member

    umm yay tall/shortness?

    im 14 years old and im 6 foot 5 inches. (extra: size 16 shoe)
  2. TexasAggie2011

    TexasAggie2011 Well-Known Member

    this is a new one, but i'll bite.

    6 foot 2 since freshman year in high school size 13 shoe and 210 weight.
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  3. Monstermaker13

    Monstermaker13 Well-Known Member

    I'm short, about 5'8", 135lbs with size 8 shoe.. lol


    Supposedly I'll get taller within the next two years.
  4. Gokussj5okazu


    I'm mediocre. 5' 10", 210lbs, size 12 shoe. Kind husky. lol
  5. Jobi101

    Jobi101 Member

    Im about 3" 8


    Size 9-10 shoe
  6. circa604

    circa604 Jr Member

    I'm 13 years old (just turned in late august) and I'm 5'7, 150 lbs. Theirs not much fat on me anymore =D, I worked most of it off in P.E. and turned it to muscle =P
  7. lorgirl90

    lorgirl90 New Member

    Niice,Goku. U know ur still tall compared to me. lol.
    I am 18 and 5''2. I wear a size 4-5 kids shoe. Kinda small. I am 135 (average).
    Tho yes goku, I know u just say I'm perfect.
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  8. mooseguy04

    mooseguy04 Well-Known Member

    freshmen at 5'5" and around 110 lbs. im small :p
  9. AussieTrooper

    AussieTrooper Jr Member

    I'm 181cm so that's about 5'11 methinks.
  10. rundown


    i'm 1 meter 89 and have a shoe size 47 (european size) ye its big :p never heard of this: the bigger the shoes the bigger the ... xD
  11. pablofiasco

    pablofiasco Jr Member

    im 27, and stand at 6'9", wieghing in at about 230lbs
    i wear size 12 shoes
  12. Odessa 086

    Odessa 086 Member

    I'm 173 centimeters.
  13. Dark Rogue

    Dark Rogue Well-Known Member

    Sophomore, 6'2", probably about 210 or 220( haven't weighed myself recently) And size 16 shoe. Haha, i'm a lineman in football. =]
  14. smilie120

    smilie120 Sr Member

    the bigger the shoes the bigger the ... Sock? .. Lol nah I know..

    But daum! You'r all tall..

    Im like.. 5ft 8" And about 120lb's Shoe size.. British 10.
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  15. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member

    6' 185lbs Shoe size 14.
  16. Seno Ypsamee

    Seno Ypsamee Well-Known Member

    I'm a sophomore at 5'9" or 5'10" with a size 11 shoe. Not sure on my weight, haven't checked in forever. :p
  17. Monstermaker13

    Monstermaker13 Well-Known Member

    You know what they say about guys with big feet...?

    They're clowns..


    Just kidding rundown, curse all you tall people!

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  18. BlacRoseImmortal


    Kelly be 5'5" ^^
  19. Overlord Ian

    Overlord Ian Well-Known Member

    I'm 6"2" and 121 lbs. (about 20 lbs underwieght for my age ;))
  20. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    5' 10"... a little short for a spartan. :mad:

    Maybe I'll grow if I eat my vegetables!
  21. Gearsofhalo

    Gearsofhalo Well-Known Member

    I am 6 foot 3 inches, and 183 pounds, size 13 shoe
  22. Loess

    Loess Well-Known Member

    I'm about 5'4", 165lbs (1.6m, 74.5kg). A bit closer to a Grunt than MC. :p
  23. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    I about 5'11" 210 lbs (i think that's about right in lbs... about 108kgs) size 13 shoe
  24. rickgyver

    rickgyver New Member

    6'2", 250#, 12w
  25. Acr1d

    Acr1d Jr Member

    Last time I checked I was 6'6 205-10 lbs. Other tall people are a rarity in crappy ol new mexico.

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