How to bondo helmet? (please help!)

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I have read all the stickies (they dont really teach you on how to put the bondo, just on how to mix it etc.) and i do know how to use bondo itself but many people where telling me that i bondoed my AR wrong, appearantly i wasnt supposed to Bondo the entire AR... (even tough im really happy with my Ar's result).

So i'm here to ask on what would be the best way to bondo my helmet, i dont want to ruin it... Since of 29 hours of folding and a sleepless night...
But yes, What would be the best way to bondo my helmet, and how much bondo should i use?

Thank you!


PS. As we type my helmets resin is hardening...
Since you already know how to mix it and stuff,

How much bondo should you use?
I would suggest only using enough bondo to fill the gaps to make it smooth (if that makes sense) so you shouldn't try to make it fatter or anything, just smooth.

I would suggest getting some latex gloves (like the dentist uses), and also a small plastic putty knife.
So anyway choose the small section of your helmet you will be bondoing, then mix up a small batch of it (make sure you mix it real well, otherwise it doesn't harden completely and is gross), then using your plastic putty knife, apply the bondo to the small area on your helmet that you are doing. smooth it out with your knife and also your hands, it won't take that long to harden, so you can start on the next batch almost as soon as you've applied the first one.

and another thing I forgot, when it's still slightly soft, sand it to basic shape, then, when you have whole helmet bondoed, sand it with medium, then fine, and possible very fine sandpaper.

I hope that makes sense :)
Hope your helmet turns out well!
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With bondo you should use it to fill the bad areas of your piece. smooth it out, and then add details.
If you want to see what bondo can do just look at my pics:

anyway: leasons i've learned:
apply bondo in sections thinnly (you can always put more on top of it latter)
i suggest buying the bondo plastic putty knifes (3pack, pink) they are great!!
try to spread smooth(mostly) from the start, it will be easier to sand latter

any other questions just PM me
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