How to build a working spalser


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Ya know that lovely tank-buster with a unholy long charge rate.

I did many years of hard time In the bowels of the college optics labs I have the pleasure of working in ..

From building a few small NdYAG systems to a CO2 60 Watt laser.Ive enjoyed learning the ways of the photonic force.

The Splaser is Really not that far off in Real life tech.
many things in lore have a basis somewhere in the present time.

THere are 2 Military programs that Really put the idea of a laser gun to life

One is the THEL and its brother M-THEL
the other is the ABL who has seen a few changes over the years

When I lived in So-Cal back in the 2000s I had many mentors in geeky stuff .
One was a contact at TRW/Northrop grumman. He worked on THEL and its portable version M-THEL.

On to the ABL.

The USAF in the 80s were trying to find a way to knock missiles out of the sky.

One of the ways was to melt and pre detonate it with a giant laser.
So they converted a 747 in to a mobile lab and the beast can blow a hole the size of a dinner plate in the side of the speeding missile .

One of the version used a COIL laser
"Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser"

Ya mix part A and B in a BIG metal shyny tube with a mirror on the back end and TADA Laser.

Problem is Iodine is VERY VERY corrosive to darn near everything ( like all halogens is VERY reactive ) . This was a big problem.

I did some rough math.
a spartan laser 1 inch ish exit beam if focused could do LOTS Of damage to Trees and tanks .......... COIL systems are VERY powerfull but are hard to manage and from knowing the size and the Beam-On time In the game . I can see a shot or 2 fired from it! with enough area to hold the contents in the case ..

Its not far off from real life. just how you store the nasty stuff is not real.
SO there is some food for thought on a device that is I would say 80% real.