How to fix overlap in Pepakura Designer

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When I took the huge file of Halo 2 models and set up the BR, a lot of the edges overlap and some pieces go under the others. How do I do these pieces? Before I print, I want to know that it'll be workable.

Edit: Read 2nd post for how to fix this error
I'm pretty sure (with my limited understanding) that some files need to be edited in 3D Studio before Pepakura can read them...

But I don't even do this... I just read your posts...
Actually I just figured it out, so you can close this. I was scared away from some models because the pieces overlap and can't be done. What you need to do is right click on the 2D view and use the Join/Disjoin Face tool. Then you can separate the pieces and move them apart. Hope that I helped anyone else who had this problem.
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