How to fix parts?

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Here´s the most diffucult part of all:

How can I make my armor wearers proof?
I know I used the auto-adhassive velcro that NAS gave me but lets face it.. it is utter *-warthog honk-* It doesn stay stuck on the inside of the armor (especially not seen the fact I have to put in cusshioning to make it fit my body).

I want to make a system with straps and belt bucklles (mini ones) or the black clip things you fnd on schoolbags and backpacks...

Also I have to find a way to make the armor parts like the calfs and such stick to the undersuit so that I don´t have to pull m up every time because they´ll slide down... Am I making myself clear or should I try a different explenatory

Anyone got a good Idea?

please reply... (maybe this could even turn out to be a stikcy!)

BTW: I´ve got NAS armor.

You can buy all those straps and buckles and stuff at fabric stores... it's a real engineering problem... not something that can be universally explained for all suits and all preferences.

Start on one piece and work your way through the suit. You'll quickly see what needs to be strapped to what.
Attach the shoulders to the top of the undersuit vest by the clavicle or the part between the chest and backpack.

They will constantly fall outwards if you do not do this. And the boots should hold up the calf armor just fine if you add a little padding to the top of the back calf plate. Just trying to help out someone else with an NAS suit. ;)

Otherwise, what Sean said.
Okay thank you all for the answers.

here´s more food for thah brains of yours!

Would those clickety click belt buckles (those kind that works with a trident kind of part that goes into a little open box kind of thingy) ((WHAT ARE THEY CALLED???)) If I was to use small ones would they be the good kind of option on clicing together the straps and so to enclose myself in the armor parts? (I know they did work for me on the chest piece, but the rest of the armor? Like tha calfs and all that?)

And does anybody have a good tutorial on how to MAKE a nice piece of undergarb? I am not into bicicle pressure suits (NAS) because here in spain A: they don´t sell them. B: (and this is also WHY they don´t sell ´m) IT TOO BLOODY -BLAMMING- HOT HERE fore those things. And C: (don´t tell ´m I said this) spain basically sucks scrotum... serieusly... No hypes here apart from gossips and soccer... poor me, poor me.. Even the Netherlands had a MAYOR HAlO 3 convention... (and I had to just move away from there...

Anyways I am getting of topic...

I know Brian made one kickass set of underarmor (for the chest) if anyone made an attempt to copy that, could they post a tutorial on HOW they did so? Preferrebly with pictures.

Thanx again!.
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