how to get in and out of torso/chest armor

hey guys and girls,

Iv just about finished by Reach torso in EVA but before I plasti-dip and paint I need to figure out a way of getting in and out :-?

Has anyone got pics of where and how they have joined the armor to get in and out???

this is my first time working with foam and im worried about it bending and cracking the plati-dip / paint work if I leave large pieces off to get in and its not supported properly

I will upload pics tonight after work... im planning a full Jun build in EVA so I guess I should start a thread.

anyway, many thanks in advance for your help and advice




I used clips and left one side under my arm open. I put it on one arm at a time and then clip underneath my other arm.


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Hey! What I did for mine is put two buckles on one side of my torso so even if I'm by myself I can get it all on and off without much of a problem.

Hope this helps and good luck!




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Unfortunately there is no way to completely avoid the bending & cracking, that's just the nature of foam. It flexes & you can't stop that no matter what you do to it or now much you harden it.

Now to your question, I have seen lots of different ways to get in & out of the chest/back, some folks completely seperate the chest from the back using side release clips. The cuts are usually done here (The red line)...

...& here (red line)...

In the interest of support, when I do mine, I plan to leave the top part intact & only make the one cut under my arm & then slide the whole thing over my head.

Hopefully this helps