How to get the camera out of EVERY MAP IN THE GAME.

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draw yout attention to the vid's description on the site, it explains everything.
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this may help


Hold (LB+RB+Crouch+Zoom+A+up on D-Pad) hold all these at once it is tricky but do this in a NETWORK: local match not Xbox live then loads of white writing should appear the once done do the same combination again but this time press left on the D-Pad the it will change it from [Normal] to [Pan-Cam]. Do this during a Custom Game, as it is started not in the lobby .
...Then once you have the debug mode activated end the game switch lobby to forge, then start the Game, Once done find a way quickly as possible to kill yourself in forge mode not player mode this is because when you get out the map with the camera it has nothing to lock back onto but if there is and living dead body or alive then your screwed you cant get out....
so now you have killed yourself in forge mode not player mode and you have no existing body's in the Map well that's swell now end the game, once you have ended it switch to theatre mode, watch the map your forge guy died in, [Note] when pan cam is enable you cannot fast forward but you can rewind by pressing X then doing the long way...
...Now play the clip, wait until you die then pause it, press Y to exit out then now basicly hold up on the D-Pad which will increase the speed of the camera then you make it so fast, Not too fast you will speed out side the barriers.

As you can see I have done it for single player asswel, ok now if your a guy that would love to do it for single player the read below:

If you dont have debug mode and PAN CAM active read up,
Ok now you have debug mode and PAN CAM still active switch to a campaign lobby, Make sure it is still NETWORK: Local, ok now start it on a map that you want to get out of, once done start the game, now during campaign find a way to kill youself out the map its simple (Fall of and edge) when you fall of an edge you dead body will keep falling then eventual fall out the map and the camera will back-up, so now look for a ledge and jump off then you should fall to your death, now end the game.
Once the game has ended go into therte mode and watch the movie you just died in, watch until you fall of the edge and pause when you think it is a good time to pause unfortunalty I cant see what your doing so I dont no when or where your going to fall off, so now you have pause it exit the camera by pressing Y [Note] sometimes you might allready have to exit the camera before you fall off.
Now set the speed so high you will speed through the barriers, The reason why the camera does not lock back onto your dead body is because it is out of the map and because it is in the game data I presume that the camera is not aloud to go any were outside the barriers so thats why it wouldnt lock back onto the body, but you speed through the barriers any way.
Thank you and I hope this BIG tuturial helped.
If you cant get debug mode activated go to my file share and download the clip Debug Mode then watch it then deub mode will be active for you.

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