How to scale guns

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Spartan 025

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Well i couldn't find a scaling thread for AR's and i can't post anywere else so can anyone help me with this scaling qurstion.....or is the scaling the same as the armour?????
Mine isn't quite full scale, but full scale looks a bit big on a normal person. The scale I have set is a good size for most people, I believe scaled to a 6' 4" person? So just keep it the same scale, and it will work. The way I made the model also makes it so you cant get it unfolded full size. My ar's a bit more detailed than FS's, but FS's is easier to make.

My ar HERE.
FS's ar HERE.

SOLIP5IL has some shots with him holding mine, so go HERE to see how it looks.
Robogen's AR and FS's ar are both scaled to be like 2 feet long, mine is the perfect size for me, but for someone smaller, they may want to scale down a bit.
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