How To Scale Your Armour - Tutorial

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Hey everyone,

I have decided that because of recent actions of ungrateful members here on the forums, I am no longer leaving this tutorial up for help, or offering my help to anybody.

I have put up with too much of your crap to keep wasting my valuable time answering the same damn questions over-and-over again while receiving no respect whatsoever.

So, congratulations 405th, you have lost the only scaling tutorial on the 405th.

Reasons why the tutorial is no longer available to the public:

- Disrespectful members
- Moderation/Administration un-willing to take my advice/pleas under advisement
- Moderation/Administration failure to do what was in best interest of the 405th community
- Stolen tutorial
- Lack of credit
- Waste of my very valuable time

The list goes on-and-on.

As soon as my advice is taken and these problems are solved to the best of everybody’s abilities, the tutorial will be returned and I will offer my help again.

My time, tutorial, and advice is a privilege, not a right.

You have lost that privilege.

Good day.

EDIT: New tutorial is up. It is still being tweeked, but Method #1 and the FAQ are up and running.
To be honest, I don't think this deserves a sticky.

Any constructive critism or questions anybody here has, I will be more then happy to answer them.

Cheers, and happy armour making!
I'm sorry Xtreme TACTICS 101, but I agree with mjolnir follower,

I think your method is great and I do think it would help a lot of newbies out there on the 405th that don't know how to scale,

Mods, I think this is is Sticky worthy and as mjolnir follower said, it would go nicely along with the collection of other Stickys.

Thanks for this method, might even try it out myself *thumbs up*

Ok then. Atleast I know some people like the tutorial, thats great news. I hope these 2 scaling methods help you, and many others out with their projects.

Although Im still not sure this deserves a sticky. Possibly after some improvement, but I can't really think of anything that can be improved at the moment.

If anybody can give me a few ideas on how to improve this tutorial, please do so.

No addtions needed.Mjolnir follower out.

PS.Sticky please

PPS.ill contact a mod on this.

PPPS.Sticky now.

PPPPS.dudes sticky this ASAP


IM over and out.
No problem ;).

If you or anybody else here ever has a question about scaling armour, please either post it in here, or PM me.

Good luck with your armour project(s) everybody.

Xtreme TACTICS out *Radio Static*
After see you post this I went & got out the 12 inch Spartan *McFarlane* figure I got for 12 dollars off e-bay for ref. but didn't think to do what you have. Your Idea is straight forward & since trying it everything seems to be coming out right. After about 3 false starts, I think this is the way for me. All the number are coming out great. Wish I would have thought of it, but glad you came up with it & posted it. I think this is the best way to do it since there are so many pieces done to different scales. Thanks Man you rock.
Thanks for the comment.

I have now used the first scaling method for my whole ODST costume. I have every part peped (not EVERY part, but 1x of each part that needs 2, and 1x of each part that needs 1) and it worked perfactly. I tried the second method on my torso piece (the ODST back part) and it took me two tries to get it right. I HIGHLY reccomend the first scaling method. Although im the creator of this thread and I sound like im just building moral, this really works. Unless your body doesn't match up to the body of the character in your picture (in that case, just measure your legs and arms seperatly to get seperate magic scaling numbers) this tutorial kicks some serious butt.

Good luck to anybody who uses these scaling methods, and to everybody who is making a costume/weapon (Yes, you can use this tutorial for weapons aswell. Just get a blueprint and scale it up. Check out my how to make a cardboard weapon tutorial for a better explination.)

Im currently talking to a mod about this possibly being stickied. Just don't get your hopes up.

Cheers everybody!
Lol. That printer is the exact opposite of nice. I bought it for $25.00 form a second hand store. I use it purly for printing pepakura pieces, and printing off a few referance pictures here and there. The ink cartriges alone are 5x the price of the printer for 1 alone...What a waist of money in my opinion.
Ok, the tutorial is 100% compleated! All images are up, all 3 scaling methods are up! Everything is awesomely compleated!

NOW I believe this could use a sticky ;) .
Just my opinion here, but I don't see what's wrong with the current scaling methods. The one in SKG's ODST thread worked perfectly for my pep work
Ok. Im not sure what scaling method you are refering to in SKG's thread, but im going to assume its not one of mine.

Anyways, do you have any idea of how to improve this tutorial atall? Its great at the moment, but I would like to make it awesome.

Thanks in advance.

hi im trying to scale flying squerrals pep files on HD im having a hard time getting it right i got his files off the wiki page and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i have red the above and i have used it but im waisting lots of time and cardstock and im about to give up on it
hi im trying to scale flying squerrals pep files on HD im having a hard time getting it right i got his files off the wiki page and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i have red the above and i have used it but im waisting lots of time and cardstock and im about to give up on it

*sorry for double post comp froze*
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