Human Combat Flood

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after much tactical thinking of pros and cons in my noodle that i call a head, i have thought about doing a human unsc combat flood form, i have found many available pics, ive gotten hints on doing the appendages and i have a good spare amount of paint for make-up on my face for veins and whatnot; i think all i need is alittle bit more resources and some nifty contact lenses. I have been working on a pepakura armor chest piece, hopefully that will come out okay, i dont need shoes or shin guards but it looks like some basic knee pads are in need. I hope to have the costume effects done by yami-con down here in Houston, and if so then ill be able to head to Austin Texas for Ikki-con. I think this will be pretty fun since i like to act like a zombie every time i watch ""dawn of the dead or "shaun of the dead".

Im not going to be too over dramatic on the appendages but once i finish them ill don them on with the rest of my costume and take pics for you guys.



Hey Honest Insanity, i know youll be trying to hunt me down the entire time at Ikkicon.
If you have any ideas on how to help me along that would be appreciated.
I would think taking large sheets of foam, cutting out pieces, and putting detail into those pieces plus holes to insert you appendages into would work. Like they did with the halo 3 "Believe" Diaorama.
hmm, cool didnt think of that, i might try that, the main way ill be doing the appendages is try a wire coverd with alot of compact cotton, wrapped in some type elastic coverings like pantyhose (please dont go hehe-and be immature people-it really is a good resource) and paint it the correct skin tone for the flood and have that attach to the inside of my armor should strap, same thing for the sensory organs, which flood apparently talk with.
OMG THEY TALK? I just thought I was dieing when I heard those pure melle forms talk to you in Halo 3. Anyway the color tone is going to be really tricky, since the skin tone is mixed in with reds, olives, even some purple.
I reccomend you find some better refrence pictures, or play halo 3 yourself.

Too bad your doing human infection, since one level gives you a perfect template for brutes, but I suppose a few humans here and there.
You make the combat form slightly larger than you are, 'bout a heads larger. So you can keep your head upright while a fake head solidified by I suppose resin stays where a combat human form should be.
Just make sure to have some fans or something, and make it in parts, so you can just slide it off your body if it gets too hot.
chiefer said:
Wouldn't the postion of his neck hurt?

He could slight oversize the suit, and have his actual head down in the neck shaft, so his head is correct position without costing any realsim.
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SilentCapyabara said:
He could slight oversize the suit, and have his actual head down in the neck shaft, so his head is correct position without costing any realsim.

That is EXACTLY what I said, just shorter.
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Hey thanks guys, sry bout not posting earlier had some virus problems, frickin virus worm, i stopped it in time though, anyways i appreciate the feedback, i am not exactly sure about the color, it is an off set of a few mixed colors (olive,lightgreen,tan), but i also am going to work on a flood infection form so i can carry around on my back (paper mache, or something else), im going to put something under it so it can stick to surfaces maybe like sticky tack or something i dont know, but hopefully once this is all done ill be a convincing flood combat form.
Gopher11789 said:
you could just twist your head for photos... and avoid having to have your neck kinked the entire time...

yeah i would be doing that cause i really dont want to make a separate head piece, im trying to go with the easiest, safe and most amusing way to create this costume, ill be starting the infection form this week, just have to gather the materials, i should have something by friday or saturday, so ill post pics on the weekend.
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I can see this costume being pretty wicked looking.

I can definitely see where some special fx lenses would help sell the suit. I ordered a pair of striking blue ones for Halloween, but they also have some creepy schlera/full eye styles out there...

Thx Vexona i was actually looking through all three halo games to figure out eye color of the humans, turns out in the first halo the eyes of a human combat form are either pitch black, normal, or white. Halo 2, i havnt been able to get a good look and in halo three its a bit frosted, but i those right there look really cool and wouldnt matter to a flood form since they have sensory organs. thanks for the find vex, i just need to find them at a cheap price now lol, some lenses can go up to 300 just for a pair.
No prob! Some of the full coverage and hand painted ones cost a pretty penny but they're definitely an attention getter!

You can find some of the more standard for $50/pair in plano (no power) and a bit more $ for script at online shops (like the one Gopher linked).

My fiancée has a pair of the Gothika 'Berserker' lenses at home. These are used for zombies, enraged vampires/werewolves and stuff. It's a very intense, cool look that might work for flood too.


They last about a year with good care. <3

I bought a pair of lenses for myself recently at Coastal Contacts because they had prescription options available for cheap (FDA approved). They don't have berserker specifically but they have some of the other popular designs.


When I said that, i meant they DO have normal eyes, it's the expression that sells the "dead" look. (slack jaw,slight snarl, one eye open, rolled back into head, other eye closed)
They just look frosted because the texture on the face is so damn low rez.
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