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here we go :mrgreen:
took about an hour today searching for photo's of hunters
i found some great ones!!
i also found a huge!!! piece of coro-plast on the way home from school
thought it would be the easiest way to start on the shield
i did my best to make the outline of the shield

here it is after cutting it out


and after cutting, folding, and glue-ing





as you can see this will not be a full sized suit :mad:

should be a very fun project ;-)
sadly no
coro scrap pieces will go into the upper arm shield

the suit will be cardboard unless i can find another source of coro

but there's nothing wrong with good ol' cardboard :mrgreen:

Thats awesome, I thought the shield was gonna be hard to make but you seemed to pull it off just fine.

and mods, you can delete my hunter topic if you want theres really no use for it and its old
thanks guys
i finished the shield and upper arm shield

but iv changed my tactics and am starting from the ground up

iv finished the base for the feet and am just now adding on the shape
you can alwas spray it with rubberizer when you finish. not much work and puts a nice finish on the bottom.

lowes and homedepot both sell a rubberizing spray in the spray paint area
Just some helpful advice about coroplast and places to find it. Check for your local Bud or Beer, Coca-cola or Pepsi distributor in the area and ask if they have a sign shop. Usually, big company distributors have so much scrap they through out that they will feel good about help a 'student' and his 'art project' for school *cough*. You get the idea. Also check your local sign shops see if they will cut you a deal or point you in the right direction.

Are you going to make stilts for the hunter feet or try something else? I still wish we could find the email address of that guy who was that Convenant Elite at Comic Con and get his input. I will be watch this thread to check on your progress. Good Luck!
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