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ok i finished cuting and folding this stuff but what pieces go together and what glues to what please help and please attach links
If you see a tab thats labeled "1"...glue it on the edge thats labeled "1". It's a fun puzzle! Just start going at it. Low temp glue guns work fantastically on this by the way, they set in seconds (although that could be a bane if you suck at lining things up).

Easiest way to get started is just grab a piece, check if any tabs and edges line up on that piece itself, glue that together, put it aside, grab another piece. After a while when things start taking their shapes, its easier to tell what goes where and you can look for numbers much easier.
I use elmer's standard white glue, and haven't had any problems so far.
And I've found the check faces feature on pepakura to be invaluable, I just work one piece at a time, As far as you having already cut them all out, best of luck, you can still use the check faces, it just gets significantly more difficult as you have to hunt down each piece in your pile. Good luck!
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ok ill have to reprint it but ill post picks when i am done

Juts another note - don't mix the pieces up. Keep them seperate from each other :)
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Do 1 peice at a time, if you going to do say a torso, then do that and finish it, then print out the next peice you are working ok, such as the crotch or a leg or arm.
I did start to use Super Glue in Gel form. just too expensve but i've been using PVA glue also known as wood glue, tacky glue, or what ever its called. its cheap, white and dries clear and does the job.
I use hot glue to put smaller pieces together, then glue the large pieces to other large pieces. It's a bit harder, but makes it faster and "easier" in the beginning. Still fast at the end, just not as easy.
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