I am making the Halo

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Just make sure evey inch of it is pixel perfect Sid, otherwise you're going to have a bunch of Halo nerds on your back.


Has anyone started the Pelican yet??? I gotta make some calls to Lockheed. I wonder if they'll take some raw castings for trade? :mrgreen:

Maybe someone better call dibs on making the full size Pillar of Autumn too.

Eternal, you up for that??
Nightmare Armor Studios said:
LOL, to anyone that realy thinks I am making the halo ring. jokes on you
lol i was about to say...
im pretty sure hes full of it! :D jp sid
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I did make the Halo. It's made of wood, and is about 4 ft in diameter. Unfortunately, it's currently in my University's custody, because I had no way to take it home for the summer. I might be able to get some pictures when school resumes, or in August, granted that my teacher doesn't imitate feminine products, and hold the sculpture from me.
Sid, you should actually do this... except don't make it curved. Buy a square mile of land some where, add some features of each map, and make some Warthogs. Then you can play paintball. :D
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