I have a Q. about Resin and Fiberglass.

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So Hello, guys. Some of you might remember me as the Sniper/SMG guy over at the weapons props. section. I thought that I was gonna stick to weapons and guns, But I took interest in Pepakura armor as well!

Now, I've finished the Right Shoulder armor and Leg Armor, and I'm happy with the progress I've made.
Now, on to the questions:
1: Is Resin the same as Epoxy? I was told that it was.
2: And do I use the Resin before The Fiberglass to Strenghten the paper? Or do I use the Resin with the Fiberglass?

All Tips and Answers are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.
1. Not sure.
2. Yes. Resin coat inside and out. Hardens the paper and makes it easier to fiberglass. Then lay fiberglass inside and put more resin on that. Let that dry.

good luck.
1. No, it's not the same. Resin is thinner and therefore easy to brush on.
2. Use just the resin first, then let it harden. Then do a second coat of resin, put the fiberglass on, and coat with resin overtop.

This has been posted in the tutorials..
Nice to see a fellow Norwegian around here! :)
I had the same problem. Turns out the Norwegian term for resin is "polyester".
Hope that helps ;)
Mobeus said:
Nice to see a fellow Norwegian around here! :)
I had the same problem. Turns out the Norwegian term for resin is "polyester".
Hope that helps ;)

Polyester? Omfg, tusen takk! :D
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also epoxy can mean more than one thing... There is epoxy resin... i'm actually staring at the bottles for some epoxy casting resin right now.
it can also mean a type of glue.. just depends on what you mean by epoxy :p

But yes Sean is right, the resin you will be working with is NOT epoxy at all.. you don't want to work with epoxy resins cause they take forever and a day to cure.
Just some input.

Resin (polyester)and Epoxy are two diferent items.

Epoxy can be mixed with a lot of different materials to get it to do different things. You can mix it to set up in 5 minutes or 24 hours depending on your hardener (catalyst) you use. Also you can use different addatives to epoxy to make it super easy to sand or hard as a rock. It can also be used over foam without melting it. Resin melts most foams. In my opinion epoxy is way more versitile. But keep in mind you can get resin (polyester) for about 25$ a gallon where as commercial epoxy (I use West systems) is about $60 a gallon. Epoxy as also 10 times stronger and can be used with kevlar and carbon fiber. I would not use epoxy for this project though. Its just way to much cash. Hope this helps.

Epoxy - http://www.westsystem.com/

How to mix it - http://www.westsystem.com/webpages/userinfo/manual/

Resin (polyester) - http://www.shopmaninc.com/polyesters.html
on my helmet i didnt find it necessary to resin the inside and now im going to go see if you need to resin the outside
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