I have an idea....

Ok, so I'm taking a break from my spartan armor (actually with Slyfo's new H3 pep files out...i might just have to remake the helmet and chest piece, not that its a bad thing), so I came across the new Assault Rifle file, and since making pepakura weapons usually doesnt go over very well, do you guys think it would work if I made a mold from the assembled model by cutting it in half, sealing the casting side with resin or something, and then fiberglassing the outside?


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If your molding armor, you dont use resin or glass, same for weapons, the plastic is hard enough, you just puddy the edges unless they fit 100% perfectly.
Yeah I know your supposed to make molds with silicone and cast with urethane and stuff, but I havent done that before, nor do I have the money for it, so I thought mabey I could make the AR out of cardstock, then cut it in half, seal the inside with a layer of resin, and cover the outside with resin and fiberglass. Then I would coat the inside with a release agent (such as petroleum jelly or something to keep the cast from sticking) and brush a mud mixture (what Sean uses for his pistols) into the two halves. Then put them together and wait for it to cure. It sounded like it would work to me. The only difference would be that the mold is hard and not soft, like silicone molds are.