i have questons

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I believe that you're going to want to go for Reoflex 30, although I can't say that with any experience whatsoever... I use Polytek products because they're very close to me.

But based on the info on undercuts.... I would say Reoflex 30 because you will have some minor undercuts.

As far as casting your helmet in one piece or in sections.... I'd go for the one piece. It will be more time consuming to make yuor molds in seperate pieces like I did... my production time is much longer than it should be.
a couple more qusetions

1.how much mold stuff would be enough for a helm using a 5'3'' person(with the scaling formula)

2.what angle would you reccomend to put the helmet at
i have a question, how would you make a one piece mold of the helm if with the visor in way when it comes to taking the molded part out?
Mold stuff.... you mean rubber right?

I dunno, maybe a 1 gallon kit... if you're not pouring a block mold and conserve materials..

Are you familiar with moldmaking, or is this your first time?

As far as the parting seam, if you want to do it in the least number of parts, I would run the parting line down the middle of the helmet vertically from front to back, and leave the neck open so that you can pour or brush your resin from there.

Also.. this seems like more of a 'Molded Armor' topic. Mind if I move it?
that is fine

3 things:

-is the molds worth all the money for the rubber

-i am new to molding

-or should i vaccum form
Are you just going to post 3 new questions every time I answer them? :roll:

How about answering my questions dude? ;-)

If you are new to molding you should do some small projects first to get familiar with the material. The molds are worth it if you intend on making more than one copy of anything.

Vacuum forming require that you build a custom piece of equipment, or buy an expensive used machine... thats more of an investment than moldmaking in some ways...

Now... if this moldmaking discussion is going to continue, we're going to put it in the right forum.
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