I have returned again.

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I am back! I have been out of it for awhile yet again >.< mainly because of a car crash, not my fault, ******* cut me off on the bypass and made me hit head on into a guard rail, I've also just recently returned from Cancun, Mexico, and I am now back on and will be actively replying, I have also started a paintball team under the Project title of SIVPG (Spartan IV Project Gamma) 7 people including myself are in it, we intend to use MJOLNIR armor edited with paintball equipment, and we also intend to open up a field here in Muncie, Indiana by purchasing the Megarena, from mightypaintball.com, that and 20 sets of rental markers, we will also play many scenario games, but we are currently fundraising for the equipment and gear we need. Yes, we know the issues with adding Paintball with the MJOLNIR armor, that will be attacked after we get our equipment. And its good to be back. :D
y dont we get anything good in the uk? id be happy to have a car crash, that would be more than ive acheved in my whole life...... :shock:
Welcome back Zeke!

Glad to see that you're recovered and are ready to get down to business!

Welcome back.

And smilie trust me, you dont wana get in a car crash or car inccident. I got hit by a car and my leg was injured for like a month. Sucked like crazy. Couldnt do anything but sit.
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