I made a Magnum for Halo Infinite


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Quick fun project: I decided to try and design a Magnum for Halo Infinite, as a personal challenge.

It's an evolution from the design of the Halo 5 gun.It retains some of the key elements from the M6H2, but this one is way more simple in some parts, and overall has a "bulkier" feeling.I added more pronounced slide grips (like in Halo CE), the hand guard is now simple and cleaner, it has green sight markings and the colors are inspired by Halo 2 (Black/Silver with a Red trigger)

I wanted this Magnum to retain the classic feeling that we love from this iconic firearm, without doing a step back in the design process, just like 343 did with the new amazing Mjolnir: it is new, and you see it, but it feels classic.Still a WIP, but I hope you guys enjoy

I'll continue working on this in my free-time, in the meantime I hope to receive a lot of feedbacks from you

I'll attach a comparison between this and the M6H2

Thank you :)

ps: oh, and its designation will probably be M6E Magnum Sidearm


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