I need help with a diffrent project


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I have heard of a program called pepakura that takes 3D images and turns them into 2D drawings kinda like origami I guess but heres my problem I am working on trying to make Cylon armor from the old battlestar galactica series and in my case have no clue on how to use this program and I need some way I guess of making 3D cylon armor outta paper first then doing the rest in fiberglass
the cylon world is slowly dying off and I want to bring it back once again not charging an arm and a leg if I can get this off the ground for the armor so just about everyone can afford a cylon suit but the armor designing is the one thing thats holding me back from getting started if someone can help me by either using pepakura or some 3D CAD to make a 3D paper armor all help would be grateful
To use Pepakura to create some cylon armor you are going to need 3d files to convert. I don't have any 3d files for the old battlestar galactica but I did find a cylon helm file in adobe acrobat file format. If you want it I can E mail it to you. Just send me your e mail or post it.