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i need help wich is better vacuum forming or resin slush casting and i'm new to this can anybody tell me what part to start on for making the halo2 mc armor
its whatever you can afford....vacuum forming you'll need a machine and to make some hard plugs like bondo moulds and slush casting you'll need to make moulds and the resin
i really don't want to vacuum forming and with resin casting what do i cast it out of like the mc helmet how would i resin cast that without the mold become messed up when i lay it on a flat surface if i make it out of oil based clay
if you make it out of oil base clay you need to seal it with clear paint if the when you mould it the oil in the clay will make the mould not dry right
this is what i use or you can use the brushable stuff
you'll have to becarefull with brushable mould it tends to stick to resin so use releaseing agents
and you'll need a mother mould (made out of plasteror fiberglass) to surport the mould
theres another material that you can use but it harmful to you can get it a art store its a latex mould that you brush-on also
i know but i'm not that good at the cardboard method and i dont have any templates or sizes to go off of or reference pictures
if you have adobe illustrator I can send you what I have so far. I have a full side view and front view of armor in life size. Just print for ref.


Pm if you want it in full size
LOL i think he ment pm me so i could send it to you, but I haven't finished the back view, I can whip one up in about 20 min though. brb
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