I need some help with music selection.


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Okay, so I'm doing a bit of a large mod on one of my currently favorite games; Killing Floor.

Here is some gameplay;

You might have noticed a certain element in the video. The driving metal soundtrack.

I don't like metal, and I don't like the mood it sets on the game, "F&@%K YEA ZOMBIES."

I'd like it if it was more "OMG ZOMBIES WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE."

So I've taken up to swapping most of the tracks out for something a little more immersive.

And that's where you come in!!!

I need you good members to name off any sad, desperate, soundtracky sounding song your head can spew out.

something like this;

I've already got the above song,

that song

that song

that song

that song

and that song for the boss theme. Those are to give you an idea.
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Here's some I found in my YouTube favorites list.

Hills Have Eyes OST Stuff:

I also highly recommend some of Nox Arcana's stuff. They make great creepy music, and I'm sure some of it would be useful. Here are some of my favorites:

I could list more but you get the picture. These guys have a crap load of songs, so you have a large selection to choose from if you like it.

Hope I helped.

Edit: Derp, check out the L4D OST, it should be good, I mean it's from a zombie game!
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