I really need support.

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Well after hearing that every other way is pointless to do, I decided to simply try this.

Can anyone please list the items, I mean the amount and what brand is cheapest and most effective.
For making.
And painting a Halo helmet.

How much clay costs, and how much would I need.
How do I get it to be looking the same as a normal helmet.
What do I get for mold making
What do I get to create a cast.
What I need to release
What I need for whatever else in painting and make it look authentic. I want to try a black main with a orange stripe at the top, primer then neon orange.
Also whats the cheapest, but best looking for a visor. I mean that as in, what costs a low x amount, but still looks better then others that look that x amount.

Thanks, and good day.


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Three identical topics? seriously?? o_O
Give people a chance to respond to one before you go bombarding the forum with the same thing over and over.

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You've been around long enough that you know a little bit of searching will yield most of your answers and the rest are really a matter of opinion.

35 lbs clay for a helm, at $7 per 5 lbs is $49

Molding materials for a helm (silicone, release agent, plaster, casting resin for a few pulls) $300 reynoldsam.com

Read, Adam and Sean's different paint methods. I would suggest using Auto Spray paint for the color you want.

Best visor is a double visor, next best is a single visor with a sticker on it at 2/3 the price.

Next time post in the correct forum and have a little patience.
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