i sure wish somebody would have thought about making brute c

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maybe we should just combine all of these topics into just one "other halo costume ideas" thread. i, don't have that power though...oh moderators.
Personally, I like the separation.. it means that if I wanna discuss elite costumes, I'm not interrupting a discussion on brutes, and if I wanted to avoid a discussion on brutes, I'm not missing any cool insights into the Elite costumes.

I'd agree to having a Forum for non-masterchief costumes, but we do need to have decent thread seperation.. I mean, what would happen if someone suddenly made it their life goal to do a brute and went into gory detail on it while someone else was goin' nuts on the elite?

(In future, if we want to discuss thread manipulation like that.. can we PM a mod, or hit the report button, or start a new thread for it? It's not "required" that you do that, but it stops the topic from changing to a housecleaning discussion. If we stay on topic, or closer to it, we'll be in better shape in the long run. for example.. 4 posts down the thread and only one that's on-topic. If I joined this thread with the other one, it's only got one valid post to add.)

*Back on topic*
Doing a brute costume would be like doing a gorilla suit with extra fleshy bits, plus armor.. I'm sure someone, somewhere, is working on it, but I think I'll leave that one to them... My interpretation would probably look like a drunk overweight curious george with fangs and armor.
Maybe break the fourm up into like....

Elite Central

Brute Barracks

i jsut gave the form titles odd names to go by but you kno what i mean
Gimme a sec and I'll get you some...

EDIT: there...It's the best I could get ATM...
you'll get it...
He asked if smeone had thought of doing it, she said yes. Anyway, It was monstermaker12 who was doing this...where the hell is he?
That was me!
Sir, listen up:
Your going to need a Rubies Chewie Costume, along with skillz in Latex. Then your going to need molded plastic shoulder armor, along with ways to make big ape feet. You'll also need a Brute weapon.
Well, it depends on what kind of Brute you're going to be, if it was me, I'd go with a red brute Chieftain from Halo 3 :dee:
OK right now im just focusing on the Fist of Rukt.
On the the other side of the gravity hammmer is the mark of shame engraved into the hammmer right?
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