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So we started a new tradition here at NCSU on hillsboro street to compete with our rival school UNC.

They had a "hillsboro hike" where you dress up in your costume and hit all the bars along that section of campus.

THe top prize for the best costume was 500 bucks.

Now the catch was that the judges were scattered throughout the stretch of hillsboro looking at costumes.

I hiked back and forth, nearly a mile and a half each way, THREE TIMES tonight, and didn't see one judge.

Not one.

Not only was I hot as hell in my armor, but I fend off dozens of drunk frat fags trying to melee me with beer cans.

So who won the contest? Some drunkass punk who sat in Mitches tavern all night with a mediocre costume that was WAYY subpar to even my pep armor.

This is an outrage 405th!

We should march on Raleigh.

Spartans unite lol. That hella sucks man. Maybe next year we could get a bunch of Spartans together that way the judges cant miss you
Spartan-129 said:
*Hold Y to Duel-Wield Beer*

Thats so wrong...Lets organise a Spartan raid.

That does suck. You would've taken the cake for sure!
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We should be an "Elite Spartan Strike Team" haha.

I just have to get my armor planned out and built...
we will attack for sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im with u man if spartans dont win in costume contests we revolt
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