Ideas to make the builds more reslistic


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All of you are so good at making armor and helmets and all that jazz. But (correct me if I'm wrong)no one's consists more relative features. As i was planning my first build i thought to my self "how cool would it be if my helmet had a holographic HUD. Ir maybe even an intercom. " another thing for all you programmers who are reading this. An AI (artificial intelligence ). Think about it. Before you finish, wire up your helmet with a holographic HUD and a slot in the back for an AI chip. Put the cip and boom hello Cortana! (Or Roland whichever you prefer) plus the intercom so you can have actual conversations with your AI. How cool would that be?? Add any otger ideas for featured that should be in the armor. Like armor abilities(turning invisible would be so cool! But probably inpossible )


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Hello. Their are a few 405th members out there that do go the extra length to add cool effects to their suits. I've met a few that have intercoms built into their suit so the can project their voice, play music, have lights turn on and off inside the helmet to reveal their face, and Stony Props just made an amazing Locke suit with working thruster packs on the back! The biggest issue with a lot of these added features though is the cost. But if you have the know how, and the funds to back it then I say go for it =). The AI you mentioned though would probably be the hardest to interface into the system, that would take a LOT of programming, and the suit mods like invisibility would also be very tricky, but they have made invisibility technology already


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I feel the need to chime in. :p

This sort of stuff has been brought up before and I have seen people use an intercom system because it does make it easier to hear when you have a helmet on.......whether you are talking or if someone is talking to you.

People have also discussed a HUD for the visor, but at that point, it becomes something that mostly you can see yourself and nobody else will get to see it. Maybe if you just want something cool for yourself, then fine. Go ahead and try it, but a lot of people have shot the idea down since you won't really get to show it off anyway. People more or less try to make the outside look awesome so others can look at something cool. I know someone that installed speakers on his suit and is able to hook up his phone and play Halo music while he walks around. ;)