If you have completed, ready to show suit - POST HERE

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I'm taking an inventory of who has complete suits, ready to wear. I would also like to know who is willing to show their suits off at specific retailers.

I want to make a section on the front page, so people can find you guys, and your major metropolitan areas, so specific stores can get you.

I'll be making business cards, and sending them to whomever wants them, to pass out, or mail out to gaming stores etc.

We must plan for the launch of halo 3.

Sean Bradley - Spartan - Lancaster, PA
Redsleighdown - Spartan - NC
Sigma-LS - Spartan - TX
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I've got a complete suit with several finished weapons, and I'd be into showing off a little more than I have previously. My pictures are in the hall of honor... but I've been wanting to get some better ones taken soon.

I think the business cards are a great idea for promoting the site, and I'd like to get some when you have them made Adam. It might also be a good idea to make up some simple flyers that anybody here can print out and give out at gaming centers and game stores.

I think that organizing our efforts around the release of Halo 3 is going to be a fantastic way to assert outselves within the gaming community.

As soon as I finish my set I'll be sure to inform you. I know the "standard" time is 3 months, but I have a lot of free time and I think I'll be done in probably a little over a month (with a little luck).

Once I'm finished I'm down.
If you do not have it finished, put what percentage you have finished.

Also, put it in the sig if you have a chance to, see mine.
I just have the model done for the chest but no fiberglass or anything done, what percentage would you say that is for the chest, 50%?
I'd say 20%, you fiberglass and sanding takes a WHILE. then painting, then creating some attachments for it.

But it's all up to you, say what you want :)
I have a completed NAS suit, standard green. Waiting on a few things to re-take pics but then i'll def. post 'em when it happens (hopefully next month).

I have a needler, a few plasmas, and will soon have Link's AR and Sean's e-sword (both paid for).

Don't know what my location will be though. I am in NC right now but going to TN for college this Fall. I'll let you know more closer to the release date.

btw, like the sig Adam.
Well, currently I've got the Westerfield suit, for now... :shifty ninja:

My War armor is undergoing repairs but it's complete.

NAS, halfway done with sanding.
well i keep on selling my suit off...once i get all my orders caught up i'll start my suit over again (try not to sell it), right now i have 3 helmets made for me
I want to surprise the 501st members in my garrison by tossing that armor on at a Comic con, have them just turn around and go holy *$#@ their master chief from halo!!!

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