Im a new recruit that would like to start building asap

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by BinaryAcidWolf, Jun 30, 2018.

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    hey all im a long time halo fan and have been watching what the 405th community has been putting out for 10 years and id love to join, i finally have a good budget to fiance a build so i have a supply list but i cant seem to find a deadeye helmet pepakura file, im also just looking for the helioskrill body armour file.
    Any help would be awesome thanks alot, Rich
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    Here’s the deadeye in the armory Halo 4 - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Deadeye it’s H4 but I don’t think it changed much in H5
    But I think your out of luck for the helioskrill. I haven’t seen that one in pdo just the forearms and helmet that is also in the armory.
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    I see CommandoTNT did a build a while back and converted those OBJs to PDO format. Unfortunately for you he seems to be an inactive member now, however in his detailed build log he did gloss over the process in which he did the conversion - Helioskrill Foam Armor Build Tutorial! (Pics included!)

    You could possibly maybe try purchasing the Armorsmith software from Armorsmith - All in One Cosplay Design Tool which allows you to create a custom sized body form of yourself, import OBJ files, scale them to suit your body parts, then export as PDO. I'd heard good things though I've yet to purchase it for myself.

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