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Im done with all projects= giving up. not gonna make anymore, trashing ones in progress

This is all due to the fact that i have insufficient space mom and dad wont ******* stop complainning that it will never get done, making a mess, taking up to much space, and they dont understand that it takes a while to do this ****. my dad expects me to buy all the materials and finish the friggin turret i was working on in one day. freaking the pistols take a few months. so if your still waiting (Ares) sorry to dissapoint you..

new, more expensive habbies that still induce bitching from my parents:

Paintball(trilogy sf pro)
Airsoft( p99, 1911. AK-47, Psg-1, FA-MAS)
Gameworkshop Models(SpaceMarines)
Mountain Biking
(Specialized with manitou front shox, fox rear shock, easton carbon fiber bar, maxx 24inch rims alloy)weighs only 18 pounds.
(12 INch TP Subwoofer, 2 6x9 durasound minisubs/tweeters, 4 4x4 regular with tweeter and supertweeter )
Custom Comp (Will post specs if requested.)

and other little electronics and ****.

And can a moderator or adam delete my sig, cause i dnt remember how to lol thanks.
sometimes i get the same is gettin mad about the mess, brothers are just assholes wich dont understand me,BUT there is guys who(propably)understand me, you guys!!! :mrgreen:
hmmm. im not the only one......

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edit:gdan we dont like arguements here so if you want to argue use pm...

thanks ....arguement settled
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