Im going to start my armor finally.

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So im going to start making my armor. this is how i will do it.
1. cut a positive piece of the armor out of a dense foam.
2. cover foam in a paint that seals it.
3. create a mold(not sure what i should use to do so. suggestions?)
4. using fiberglass cloth and resin create a positive from the negative mold.
do you have any of these supplies yet?

Use RTV Silicon to make the mold.
im going to buy the foam in like 2 hours. i was going to use styrofoam and then foam paint to seal it unless you think there is something better.
since i dont have an amazing income i have to build slowly.
you need to use, rigid, high density foam, you'll probably have to order it, or you can glue together pieces of the pink insulation foam from the home depot. call them, and tell them what you're doing, and then they'll tell you what to get.

You'll also need a roll of plaster casting for the mother mold.

you know, like they use for casts when you break your arm.

do NOT forget to purchase a release agent too.
For mine I'm gunna use clay for my positive mold, then use the fibreglass cloth and resin over it. Should be fine :Steve:
I see, buddy. I'm lucky enough to have an art department at school with poor security. I'm gunna bag myself some clay. :dee:
I'll try an swipe you a bag too if i can, rofl ;)
Rofl, Ares. I probably should explain that I'm only in the UK because my dad moved here for some property business, at the end of this year im moving to New Zealand.
just though I should explain the "Location:" answer on my info. ;-)




yeah i know i blinked what can you do. thats what i have so far. my friend is going to help me finish my really fast so i can wear it to the transformers midnight showing for no reason.
tape is just fine, but it should be on the inside. that way you can fiberglass the outside, without it peeling off. But pretty awesome start, you know exactly what piece that is. Good work!
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