I'm new here & search some 3D files for a mk IV Halo Wars Armor (help would be great)


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I'm new here and to cosplay, but thinging about a project. I would like to build a mk. IV MJOLNIR Armor, like those from Halo Wars.
Because I'm not new to 3D-printing, I thought I'll print it, but I can't find proper, printable files.
After I searched for Halo Wars, I only found a post with .pdo files, which look nice. Does somebody know there an easy way to convert them, to something like .stl, or does anyone can help me with my issue?


You could propably extract the Model using Hex2OBJ, but I don't have any experience with that programm. An easy way of doing it would be to export it as an OBJ File in Pepakura and convert it to stl using Blender, but you need the full version of Pepakura to export/save anything. If you don't have Pepakura, I could export the models for you if you could send me a link to the files.