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Mitch Kramer

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so.... hello?

its good to see there is a place i can come to now and share ideas with guys that have the same abition as me to make a chief costume.

so i've started myself off the cheap way, if you take a peek at the stuff ive uploaded in my gallary, you'll see that i didnt make mine from paper printouts like you all seem to have, but instead, i tore apart a halo 3 legenday package, and glued it back together. i see it as the simple step.

critisisms and ideas are welcome, im really itching to get started on this project.

thanks for dropping by, and hopefully you'll all welcome me. nice to meet you all

this is my starting point, ideas on how to stick some padding in it?

how bout a kick-start on my visor?
abandonship said:
be patient, dont triple post.

you have guts for tearing that thing apart

it didnt want to come apart easily i'll tell you that, at one point you have to pop off a set of clips from inside the helmet to remove a cover section to get at some more screws.i was pushing hard on the clips and i slipped up and dug into my knuckle with a hunk of plastic that was hanging out... its going to leave a scar for sure.

a few times i got pissed off enough to want to throw it across the room, but i just took my time and it all eventually came apart and back together. whole process took me about 3 hours to do. now that i know how to do it, i could do it again in maybe a 1/3 less the time
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