I'm not sure what steps to take next and need a little advice


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I'm at the point I need to resin parts and round edges more. I'm going to work on some parts I made before but turned out to be larger then I need them to be.
Anything I should know or try when doing test runs?
What should I look out for?
How can I round the edges and stay true to shape?


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Definitely test a piece of scrap first, if just to get a feel for the process.

Make sure you have supports in your paper model to help prevent or minimize warping. I always start by brushing a layer of resin on the outside of the piece. Then a layer on the inside. Then I do my fiberglassing on the inside.

Keep an eye out for pooling and dripping of your resin.


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Make sure it's a thin layer of resin to start. If you use too much, the paper soaks up the moisture and that is what causes the warping. After that initial layer is dry, you can add more layers inside and out......make sure that each layer has thoroughly dried before adding the next. As far as fiberglassing goes, you have mats or weave design. You should cut enough strips to more than cover the area you will be working on. Cut them into different sizes but not too large, they are sometimes hard to work with if too large. I don't use larger than a 3" x 3" square or 2" x 4" rectangle when working an area w/ a lot of indents or crevasses but large flat open sections.......could be covered in one go.....just overlap the edges. As far as rounding the edges....elbow grease.......or get yourself a power sander and go to town. If you find that you have a pocket of air while sanding which leaves a hole, fill it w/ either resin or bondo.
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