Im Selling My Nightmare Armor!


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Yes, after destroying costume contests at my college and wearing it around a couple times just to check myself out, recent financial situations have caused me to break down and sell my suit of nightmare armor. If anyone would like to make an offer for me, I'd be willing to negotiate with you. Here are some pictures of me wearing the suit in various situations. (Aka outside my friend's game store)

If anyone is unfamiliar with Nightmare Armor Studios, they are a Georgia based team of specialists who used to make these suits on commission for around $XXXXXXX. Granted, now they no longer even have the licensing to make these suits, its is clear how rare these suits actually are.

Please note, that this suit is not brand new and there are some spots where paint has been chipped off and cracks have been repaired. However, this stuff isn't even in production anymore, and as you can clearly see, the wear does not detract from the overall effect this suit delivers. I'm including the suit and all the under-armor.





And I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I didn't see any others that were appropriate.


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I always thought their work was too organic.

How did they get a license to produce this in the first place? There are some major design deviations from any of the Mk 4-6 suits.

Good Luck with the sale - nice looking suit of armor you have.


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Yodajammies said:
How did they get a license to produce this in the first place? There are some major design deviations from any of the Mk 4-6 suits.

They didn't - if I remember correctly they received a C&D a while back and had to discontinue representing and producing anything "Halo"...
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meh, I like the authentic look of the true Mark VI

That's a little too creative for my taste.

That's just me though.


I always wondered what kind of reference they used when making those suits.

Maybe they just went off the top of the dome with it. Who knows?


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Unless it’s already sold, Otherwise: How much are you selling it for?
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