i'm sorry, i hate to do this but, it's another visor thread.

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Go with the amber. Or you could get a clear one cut it to shape and put it over the gold. I have an HJC helmet with a gold shield, I held up a clear shield to it and it didn't look to bad to me. Added benefit will be easy to see through it.
is there an echo in here? (is there an echo in here?)

heh, just kidding. i also though of that mirrored crap boy racers put in their windows. might be able to put that inside an amber one, that way, its orange, its silver and its (probibly) cheap.
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If you are feeling adventurous, you could try my idea (post link):

<blockquote>I have had this visor idea bouncing around in my head for a while now. The clear acrylic that dacacheman is looking at can be vac/heat formed to the compound curve (bubble shape) of the MC's visor, could even form in the raised ridges of the visor's zoom feature (for lack of technical name).

I found some amber colored Acrylite Acrylic (408-5) http://www.tapplastics.com/info/acrylic.php?

I know the reflective metallic effect is still not there, but someone here on-site might know of a way to create that effect on a compound curve -- maybe some kind of liquid film? The only other compound curved metallic tint that i know of are security camera bubble's...anyone know how they apply tint to those. In the auto window biz they say to apply the film in strips but those guys can hide their seams with the defroster wires of the few vehicles that actually have compound curved rear windows.

Let's hear from some of you guys with vacuum forming experience. My only hands-on experience is hand forming plexiglass over the stove to make replace parking light lens on my Saab in college but I have lusted after all the vac forming tables on the 'net.

If someone runs with this idea, it could have great results on the new big EVA/SPI visors too.</blockquote>

I have the seen the amber acrylic sheets for about $3-5.

Also possibly a variation of this idea adding the metallic window tint film in small patches like one rectangular patch for the visor zoom (small portions of tint film may not have a problem with the double curve of the visor) -- like flying_squirl's "boy racer" tint applied to amber motorcycle shield on ebay link.

I really wish some of our experienced guys with SW stormtrooper backgrounds would chime in on the vac formed visor idea.

You could try reflective gold tinting film from a craft store, using it on the clear helmet would work, but everything you see would be gold tinted.
Or you could use a 2 liter pepsi bottle cut and unrolled, then use cheap gold tint film from a craft store and put that on, it may be less visible because 2 liter bottles arent made to be used as a visor, but it will work for the shape and look.
Putting that Mechanical Engineering Education to use here...

Vaccum forming an existing visor may prove difficult for the following reason, I will try to not get to technical.

The polycarbonate (plastic) found in most motorcyle visors is fairly tough material. It must be able to withstand the high impact force of an object hitting the visor while being worn, and not shatter, resist heat and warp when warm, and resist becomming brittle at low temperatures. This material starts off as beads, and under high temperature and very high pressures injected into a precision mold to form a visor such as you can purchase. Most of the visors you can readily purchase gain the metallic reflective surface from a process called "flow coating" applied after the visor has been formed.

Attempting to vaccum form an existing visor wil most definatly destort the optics, may destroy the flow coated reflective surface, or at least cause it to discolor or form "stretch marks" as you are strecthing it thin, also, heating the visor to a point in which it "could be" vaccum formed may cause it to warp.

My reccomendation, use two visors, double layered as has allready been done, or find a local sign company that can print a clear or nearly clear (possibly gold if it matches the visor color) decal shaped like the raised surface to apply to the outside.

Hope that helps...
Spase -- I appreciate the response to my concept, but I was proposing vacforming a sheet of amber colored arcylic. I got a 8"x10" sheet of clear acrylic from Lowe's and will attempt a simply non-vac pull onto a plaster form as proof-of-concept. I am concerned about optical distortion due to the flow of the soft plastic and surface distortions from contact with the form.

FYI I'm on the other end of Houston in Clear Lake.

Guess I should really start my own thread.

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