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Without ordering online, where can I get any type of durable fiberglass? Doesn't matter how it has to be applied, its just between the hardware stores I've checked, no one has any sort of application fiberglass for situations like this.
I don't really wanna use paypal for ordering things online right now either, I've done enough spending with that currently >_>
Have you checked automotive stores?

Thats what this material is typically used for, bodywork on cars.. so try there.
I did some googling and found a place called "Complast" in canada. Check to see if there's one near you, if not, go with what sean said and check out an automotive shop
Theres that short end of the stick, neither of those places are located anywhere near me.
Unless youd like to count near as 3 hour drive over.

Suppose I'll check out automotive shops.
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