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My thread fell into limbo when a moderator moved it from the noob forum.. why? You asK? Im not sure, but its not where the link says it is.

I do have a youtube channel though, and my vids are there. Search for AriochX you should find me.

The vids arent as informative as Id like... hopefully Ill get better at that. But, Ill answer any questions you have about the progress Ive made.

All of my original pieces (so far) are made from pep models, then all usable pieces I make are molded from fiberglass resin and reinforced with so far different things.

Ill make a new thread soon with a video of the helmet I made last night and explain what I used. Ill update that thread with progress and continue with it for the rest of the ODST suit.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, all comments are welcome.