Innovative plasma grenade mod

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using the plasma grenade that Sean Bradley found, if you put a neodymium magnet into it youve got a sticky plasma grenade. if you put for exaple a nail behind your thigh armor you can have them stick to you, until needed
um actually no silver cookie you are completly wrong i have 30 or more(to lazy to count) neo mags that i bought for 54 dollars and they hold 30 pounds each. also i dont have Sean Bradleys plasma grenades i just thought of the idea and a how to would be drill a hole, insert then cover up. i will be making plasma grenades out of tennis balls though i will make a thread for that.

Not to pee on the fire of your creativity here, but that laser level already comes with a magnet imbedded in it... it's part of th pre-existing mounting system.

Could be stronger though I guess. :Steve:
actually i am really wanting to insert magnets in all parts of my armor that will attach to each other. can someone please direct me to where i can buy neodium mags? i think i spelled that wrong
well i guess i cant use them, both my parents have pacemakers now and they will mess up the electroincs in my AR :evil:
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