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Hey all, just wanted to point out that we did miss our very optimistic date of ECCC... But that both HotPockets and I are still very intent on making this happen.

It might not be until Spring once HotPockets is settled into his new home in the South Sound or we find an alternate indoor option that we could do this winter. Either way we'll keep you informed here.

Turbo has finished the 3d model. Now we'll move onto HotPockets resin printing it and finishing as a master. He's currently in temp housing during his move so I'm not expecting anything soon.


I can offer up my garage as a potential place to host. It is at least attached to the house and with my patio heater we can make it quite comfortable even when the weather starts to turn.

We are over in Bremerton though and I know a lot of dem "city folk" don't wanna travel that far.


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Sorry for the lack of updates on this, checks watch, in FOREVER!. Things got a bit hectic for a while, but I wanted to share some updates with all of you, and let you know about the progress that is being made on the Helmet for the Armor Party.

In July we moved out of our home in Renton. We were having a home built further south in WA, and figured it would be a few months in an apartment then into the new place by Halloween.

Four adult sized people, and just as many pets in a 900 SqFt apartment turned out to be a bit more difficult then I thought. With no room for any of my printers or creative outlets, it was a bit of a slog. Throw in a deaf dog who decided to eat something bad for him, requiring emergency abdominal surgery and it was a bit of a rough start.

Fast Forward to Sunday September 11th. We received a call from our builder that there was a "little fire" at the house under construction, and that we may be delayed a few weeks. We went on site to find the roof, second story and most of the first gutted by fire.

This led to a mad scramble to find a new place to live. We were able to do that, and have been settled in the new house for about 3 weeks. I was able to get all our possessions out of storage, and I have the larger FDM printer tuned, and ready to go!

All of this is a very long way to go about saying "Hey, I've started printing the Anubis helmet!!" The helmet has been on the printer for about 2 hours now. The raft is laid down, and the estimate for completion is about 5 days. Once that is done I'll print the other larger pieces in plastic, and the smaller bits, and accessories in Resin.

I don't have a date yet, but we are making progress towards having the helmet for the armor party.

Here are some pictures of the workshop, the initial print layers, and some of the events along the way.

Let me know if anyone wants to help out with molding the helmet prior to the armor party, as I would welcome the help and additional expertise. If you don't know how to mold, and you want to learn we can arrange that as well.

Thanks for sticking with me, and apologies for the delays in getting this kicked off.

~ Pockets


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Some updates after a weekend of printing. There is a layer shift towards the top of the helmet. Looks like some filler work and repair will need to be done.


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I'm jealous that you'll all get to go meet Falcor. Please give that bestest boi all of the scrubbies you can from me. Josh is pretty great too - just not sure he wants the scrubbies. :p

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