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I was just wondering what internet providers some of you guys have and what you think of the service they give you.

My net provider promised me one thing, but I'm getting another and paying way too much for lackluster service and speed - so I've decided to say 'f-em' and find someone new.

Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
I got Het Net its a ADSL network of KPN *the biggest telephone network provider in the netherlands*
Service = Sucks dont even take this provider they dont have future plans because the telephone lines are full go for cable.

My adsl speed is 400Kb down and 25Kb up..well its the maximum they can get in a telephone line.. XD
Road Runner Cable internet.

It's not super fast, but it's reliable, and fairly cheap.

It's like 20-30 some $'s.

I live in North Carolina, US, if you wanted to know.
Comcast cable... biggest ripoff ever.

Their sevice is okay, but it's just too expensive. I'm going to have to find someting else soon.
why are you not going to a other cable provider or adsl provider.
I pay for 400kb down *unlimited down* 25€ thats like 32.50$ each month.
Sean Bradley said:
Aren't internet providers regional? Some people have limited choices in their area.
Lol that would really suck.
I can pick every Cable or ADSL provider thats in my country so iam not limited by the providers...
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i have Wisconsin internet, cheap and super slow, at its happiest 55kbs. i pay like 30$ every three months
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