Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by colbs, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. colbs

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    Any one see the trailer to the interstellar movie doesn't the shuttle kinda look mass effectie
  2. Serin

    Serin Jr Member

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    This movie! ermergerds!
    Has anyone else here seen it? Or indeed had multiple brain explosions at the proposed theoretical physics?
  3. HellJumper149

    HellJumper149 New Member

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    Indeed, i have! i'm not sure how much brain is left of mine after it blew up 600 times. i like the space suits though, anyone know where i could get some files for making the vest/back pack thing?
  4. TheOneWithNoName

    TheOneWithNoName Jr Member

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    I didn't have a single brain explosion when I saw it. I'm actually well read when I comes to theoretical physics. I have my own design for a ftl engine, so...
  5. Fab4

    Fab4 New Member

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    Alright James Clerk Maxwell, was in not academic enough for you? I thought the film was brilliant, and one of the bravest cinimatic ventures in recent history.
  6. IPv6 Subnet

    IPv6 Subnet Member

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    This movie is one of my top 5 favorites for sure! It is a bit confusing for someone like me, but at the end everything just felt like it came together!
  7. JimHoll

    JimHoll Guest

    This film is just a masterpiece. I consider him worthy of the top five films. I really like this movie.
  8. PillarofAutumn

    PillarofAutumn Jr Member

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    Excellent film

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