Introduce Yourself

I figured since most noobs know nothing about anyone else, i am gonna start a thread to let you guys share some stuff about yourself to let us get to know you better.

Ill start off and lets hope it goes on from there.

Name: Michael Filatov (dont have to put your last name if you dont want to)
Profession: Work at a gamestop part time and as im an intern for a hedgefund
Age: 15 (about 3 months till im 16)
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports (can't choose)
Favorite part of halo: The Story line gets me into it and gives me the rush as if i am Master Chief
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing instruments and im really into airsoft/paintball
Favorite Food: Sushi!
Favorite Finisher: Mortal Combat (what ever Sub Zero does...)
Favorite Band: The Who
Favorite Movie(s): Behind Enemy Lines, American Gangster, Wedding Crashers
Other: I ran the Philli Marathon

Cant wait to see some of the interesting people we get on here! :) Also you dont have to do all of them, do what ever you think is necessary for us to get to know you.

Seno Ypsamee

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Name: Jesse Jones
Profession: Part-time helper for my dad, computer builder (not for a company or anything)
Age: 15
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, making things, sports, there are many, many more! (I don't have a favorite)
Favorite part of Halo: I love it all!
Favorite Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved
Favorite Video Game: "The Legend of Zelda" series or "Halo" series
Other Interests: music (rock), computers, internet, helping others, blah blah blah
Favorite Food: I'd have to say probably pizza or hot sausages.
Other: Stay in school!
Name: Stewart Brook
Profession: Part Time Skate Guard
Age: 18
Favorite Hobby: Guns' Desiel Trucks, and thinking of how to make tactical stuff
Favorite part of Halo: that you run around as a fearless super soldier( i wish to become one)
Favorite Halo: only played one so far
Favorite Video Game: and Fps thats Good, and "The Legend Of Zelda Series"
Other Interests: other hobbies that invole hand work
Favorite Food: Ask yourself what does a Great white eat...... If you guessed right ANYTHING edible


here we go!

Name: David Tran, but many call me TranMan
Profession: McDonald's...temporary...getting a raise soon! :D
Age: 15
Favorite Hobby: Games. Nuff said.
Favorite part of halo: The ending of Halo 3. Most Memorable Moment.
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: The Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series
Favourite MK Character: Ermac
Favourite SF character: Akuma/Gouki and his "Shin" versions.
Other Interests: Jazz band and origami and PEP building...anything that challenges the mind.
Favorite Food: Dim Sum...oh yea, 35 shrimp dumplings for one trip
Favourite Finisher: The Shinkuu Hadouken and the Shin-Shoryuken

oh yea...awesome...
Ill join in as well

Name: Jordan, AKA Assassin716
Profession: fulltime College student, parttime worker
Age: 18
Favorite Hobby: x-box, Warhammer, 3DS Max, Hanging out with friends
Favorite part of halo: Dear Humanity, We Regret being alien bastards, we regret coming to earth, and we most certainly regret the Corp. just blew up our raggedy a** fleet. HOO RAH!
"Look Out, Hes Got Father Issues, He Hast Worked through"
Favorite Halo: No Favorite...I love them all, they are all a piece of art
Favorite Video Game: too many to name but if i had to pick one...Halo Combat Evolved
Other Interests: Chess, Cosplaying/Costuming, Conventions, Xbox live, my biggest interest SKETCHING (i love to draw)
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, and not together
Favorite Finisher: And a friendly humpday (Insert Final Fantasy 7 Winning Jingle here) Oh and if you need a pep of Samus' Suit just send me a pm.

kerotan 36

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Name: Gabriel S.
Profession: school
Age: 13
Favorite band:The Strokes
Favorite Hobby: Making armor
Favorite part of Halo: The Armor
Favorite Halo: Halo 3
Favorite AO2 charecter: Elliot Salem
Favorite Video Game: Probably "Legend of Zeld: Wind Waker" that game was epic
Other Interests: Videogames, music, moviemaking
Favorite Food: Calamari
Favorite Halo 3 armor:EVA
Favorite Movie: Probably Hot Fuzz or "The God's must be crazy"


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Name: Christian (but all my friends call me just Chris)
Profession: CEO CBACK Studios (little IT & Multimedia Company)
Age: 21 (born 03/31/1986)
Favorite Hobby: Synthesizer, SciFi in general, Halo of course, Star Wars, Costuming, Internet, Video/Photo
Favorite part of halo: "Relax. I'd rather not piss this thing off."
Favorite Halo: they all made the trilogy so not easy to cut one episode off
Favorite Video Game: Halo, Half Life 2, Star Wars Republic Commando
Other Interests: listening to music, watching tv, walk trough the forest, ...
Favorite Food: Schnitzel & French fries
Armors: Master Chief - Stormtrooper - Boba Fett
Other: Don't know... :p

Master Chief 13

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Name: Justin.H
Profession: School...for now
Favorite hobby: flight simulation,cadets,walking the dog,making model aircraft
Favorite part of halo: the way you can use ANY vehicle,weapon,turret...whatever thats accesible to you unlike some other previous games...I also like the intense gameplay and storyline
Favorite halo:halo 3 although I dont yet own it
Favorite Video game:halo 3
Favorite food: chicken pot pie :p
other: not to climb hills...ride mah bike...other stuff


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Name: Jae Lee
Profession: i dont think i hav 1 *Edit* School...after a few years, its move out time
Age: 13
Favorite Hobby: playin football
Favorite part of halo: when Master Chief says., 'Wake me, when you need me."
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Call of duty 4
Other Interests: Computer, playin a game called Flyff
Favorite Food: Anything made with meat. mm.....
Favorite Finisher: Grenade Stick
Other: Why do anybody care?
he hehe
Name: Patrick
Profession: motorcycle fabricator and car body kit designer
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: racing and video games
Favorite part of halo: I WANT TO BE A SPARTAN
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: World of Warcraft
Other Interests: Gun Collecting, and things of that such
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Finisher: umm,,,,, krylon?
Other: Been a resin master for about 12 years now ive crafted everything from motorcycle fairings to boat hulls and everything in between.


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Name: Howard
Profession: Graphic design major
Age: 21
Favorite hobby: Gundam Models
Favorite part of Halo: All of it
Favorite Halo: 1 and 3
Favorite video game: All the Final fantasy games (mainly Final fantasy XI)
Other Intresets: Cosplaying, reading manga, watching anime
Favorite food: Sushi


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name: Patrick J
profession: i work at "McD's restaurant and lounge", lol :) (i want to become a 3d animator)
age: 14 (turning 15 in less then 2 months)
hobbies: 3d animation, video games, visual effects, prop/armor making, 2d animation, graphic design. (i know it's alot)
favorite part of halo: everything!!!
favorite halo: H2
favorite game: Halo(s) or assassins creed
favorite finisher: any altair counter attack
other interests: manga, cosplay, drawing on MS paint (9 pics)
favorite food: pasta!
other: i speak french (2nd language) and i'v known what i wanted to do for my career since i was in grade 5, i live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the first 3 years of my life i lived (and was born in) Singapore.
...and i have ALOT of free time.

now you all know me better.

Seno Ypsamee

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Quadraxis said:
Name: Howard
Profession: Graphic design major
Age: 21
Favorite hobby: Gundam Models
Favorite part of Halo: All of it
Favorite Halo: 1 and 3
Favorite video game: All the Final fantasy games (mainly Final fantasy XI)
Other Intresets: Cosplaying, reading manga, watching anime
Favorite food: Sushi
FF VII was the best.... IT HAD SEPHIROTH! :p
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flying squirl

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Name: Dave
Profession: Digital Artist
Age: 23
Favorite hobby: power kiteing
Favorite part of Halo: the intro to the flood in halo one: "what the hell was that about?!... 'the flood'? that banging ... whats wrong with my motion tracker? AAHH!!!HOLY JEBUS!!WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?!?!!"
Favorite Halo: Halo 1 of corse.
Favorite video game: -see above-
Other Intresets: flying my rc helicopter, drawing/sculpting/painting, rasing rare breeds of hens, makin halloween custumes, stuff
Favorite food: tetsua age or sushi, oh, or a quick and easy pizza
Favorite quote: "not all drugs are good... some of 'em are great" - Bill Hicks


ResinGod said:
Wow I feel extremally old now im the oldest to do this post
I'll Make you feel young, lol!

Name: Annie
Profession: Video Game Tester/Quality Assurance
Age: 28
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Cosplay costume design
Favorite part of halo: The gameplay, it is a lot of fun to play!
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy series or Silent Hill series
Other Interests: Paintball, music, Comics, LARP, D & D, anime, manga (too many others to list)
Favorite Food: Italian
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Name: Carl
Profession: Kitchen Designer
Age: 22
Favorite Hobby: Playing video games, making halo armorz, riding my bike (Honda cbr r600). I also really like anime/manga
Favorite Halo: ooo thats a toughy, its got to be 3, er no 1, no definatly 3. ah dang it, 1 or 3.
Favorite Video Games: Halo, Final Fantasy 7, Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear, Resident Evil
Favorite Movies: The Matrix Trilogy, The original Star Wars Films (not re-mastered), Ghost In the Shell 1 and 2, Spirited Away, Cloverfield, Blade Runner, Happy Gilmore, The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, The Bourne Films, Anchorman.
Favorite Anime: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Favorite Band: Creed
Marital Status: Married
Randon Fact: I have met Hideo Kojima, maker of the Metal Gear Series twice.


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I've been gone a few days so I'll pipe in on this topic :)

Name: Katherine
Profession: Web & Graphic Designer, Marketing Dept. at Industrial Machine Company
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Working out. I train in MMA, namely Muay Thai.
Favorite part of halo: Driving at the end of Halo 3 on Legendary...I laughed, I cried.
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Single Player- Oblivion or Mass Effect, Multi Player- Halo
Favorite Food: Zucchini Tempura or Macaroni n' Cheese
Favorite Finisher: Altair High Profile!
Favorite Band: Nine Inch Nails
Favorite Cartoon: Futurama
Marital Status: Married
Random Facts: Sikh, been vegetarian for 14 years, was born on a Friday the 13th, randomly adept at hoola hooping.