Introduce Yourself

Name: Travis
Call Tag: Von Fury
Location: NE Georgia
Occupation: Disabled Veteran
About ME: Disabled Combat Veteran. Full time dad to the coolest daughter ever. Been a fan of halo since day one but always favored the ODST over Spartans for some reason. My hobbies are post apocalyptic festivals and making props/costumes. Been in the haunted attraction industry for 13 years. Really looking forward to joining the ranks!!

welcome to the 405th
Hey! No worries. I haven't spoken to Harri51 but I will surely do so. I understand completely, it's been a wild couple years for me as well! I'm juuuust about to start work on my first build so I know I have a long way to go but I'm already learning a LOT from reading other build logs and getting inspiration. Lots of video tutorials too, especially on the painting which I'm honestly the most nervous about.
Ohai! Whatever you need.

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