Introduction (and some artwork!)

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Hi everyone,
I've been a lurker here for a while, mainly just to follow BlueRealm's progress and drool over my keyboard in the process. Figured it was about time to finally post on these forums.

I'm a member of the Ohio Garrison of the 501st Legion, A mechanic for a police department, A recent graduate from DAAP at University of Cincinnati with a degree in Industrial Design (currently looking for employment if anyone knows someone who needs an industrial desiner!). I'm the older brother of Cadet. I've worked at Fisher Price Toys and Hasbro Toys as part of my cooperative education at UC. I worked on Rescue Heroes, Geotrax, Star Wars, Transformers, Spiderman, Nerf, Super Soaker, Lazer Tag, just to name a few. There are actually many products out there you guys see every time you're in a toy store that I've been involved in. But enough history.

As so many of us here do, Replica prop and costume construction is my big hobby and obsession. I do a lot of kit-bashing and scratch building when I make my props. The minigun Cadet was holding in some of his pics is mine, built from pvc pipe and abs sheets for a Sgt. Blaine costume. I've also begun the process of teaching myself sculpting and casting. I have made a body cast of my entire body (which currently lives in my living room with my resident evil gear on it) made an alginate mold and cast a copy of my hand (gotta have something to sculpt that hand armor on.)

And to entertain you a bit, here's two digital renderings I just did recently as a birthday gift for Cadet. They were done in photoshop and painter, the mark V was a pencil sketch first, th cortana was completely done on the computer sketching with my Wacom. Hope you enjoy!

Not open for further replies.