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Dark One

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Hi all,
A newb once again!!!!!! Great site and I will be very busy tyring to get to know everyone. I have assembled Stormtroopers and clone troopers before but never anyhing Halo. I am in the 501st costuming group as well. Time to get to reading!!!!!!!
Welcome to the board, this site has an amazing wealth of information on it. Rarely have I had to ask a question that was not already answered on here. Good luck.
Yes, welcome to the site! I hope that your experiences will be enriching and informative. We have a great community here that is growing every day, so yes, you could be meeting people for a while. Just remember a few things.

Don't double post.
Don't post about anything that you are making without including at least one picture.
Try to use the search button before posting (in order to keep the forums from getting clogged up with new topics).
Keep a positive, helpful, and nice attitude and you will fit right in.

Good luck with your armor, and I hope to see you will share your insights and progress with the forum at one time or another.
Not open for further replies.