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Hey all. I've been surfing the 405th forums here for about 2 days (straight) now. I found the site from an image posted over one the forum-that-dare-not-speak-it's-name in the papercraft area. I've been planning to pick up papercraft for a while now, but this seems like it will be way more fun. Anyway, I figured if I planned on making my own armor, I'd better get to posting so I can bypass the "n00b" restrictions by the time I start the project. I'm not in a place where I can start real easily right now, but I'm psyched to start when I can.

So, there's my introduction. Now I feel like I can post elsewhere.

P.S. Mods - You've impressed me on the upkeep and standards in this place. SUCH a nice change of pace from what I'm accustomed to!