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Hello everyone!

I already introduced myself in the introduction thread, so now is a bit more lengthy introduction of why I joined, what Im working on, and what my goals for the future are.

Let’s get started on why I joined, it was actually somewhat an accident actually! I joined a costuming group that was being hosted in a creative space. Just recently that creative space also hosted a 405th meetup. I came because I love Halo and I was already working on a Halo prop and knew the members would be the best people to talk to about it. Right when everyone shows up, the meeting starts up and I don’t have time to ask any questions. An hour later we’re taking measurements for our suits me and the other newbies will be making. I figure I’m in too deep to stop now, so I make an account on the forum and here I am!

Now that Ive said how I got wrapped up into this, Ill tell you what Im working on. Besides the prop that Ive set aside for the moment, I am in the process of making my very own suit! I already picked out what armor I wanted to do, I picked Noble 6 since I loved Reaches customizations and because I don’t want to botch someone’s favorite character. This way I also have full creative freedom to make my armor look like it did in the campaign’s cutscenes. brkiker plugged my measurements into a program called Armorsmith, and scaled the armor pieces I chose. After that, he sent me the files for the the glove and boot armor. Then I went and bought myself a pair of black nonskid hightop workshoes and a pair of Mechanics gloves. I had to tape off some parts of the gloves and plastidip them to make them all black, but now I have a base to build my pieces onto! Next on the list to buy is a black bodysuit.

After my armor is complete, I plan on going to Pensacon 2019, and participating in a 405th group cosplay. Lucky for me, since I’ve never made a suit of armor OR cosplayed in a group. Some other goals that come to mind for me are to do a professional photoshoot and start a cosplay page. Another thing that Ive always wanted to do is to do a “Take on Me” line though-out a convention like the guys at Impact Props XD Along the way I plan on having a great time making new friends, learning new techniques, and maybe even having a few embarrassing moments here and there.

If you’ve made it this far, then you deserve an enthusiastic high five! Seriously, I have alot of expectations that I want to see come to fruition. Im sure it’ll be a wild ride as is, it’s already started off pretty unexpectedly! Right now Im only in the beginning of making my first suit of armor, so I have lots of ground to cover between here and February! Wish me luck and have a fantastic day you fantastic person!