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First Name : Darman
Profession: Medically retired Paramedic
Age: 48
Favorite Hobby: Raising money for charity
Favorite part of Halo: Warthogs
Favorite Halo: Reach and ODST
Favorite Video Game: Reach
Other Interests: Horseback riding, camping. I have also been a Santa for the last 7 yrs.
Favorite Food: Bacon cheeseburger
Favorite Band: Def Leppard, 80's and Country
Favorite Movie: Shogun
What do you hope to learn here? : 3D printing is very new to me
Have you built/made costumes before?
TK, Jango Fett, Republic Commando, ST TWOK Monster Maroons etc
Do you belong to any other costume communities? If so which ones?:
501st Star Garrison (NTX Squad) and the Wichita Hive (Umbrella corporation- Bio Med Command)


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I've had my Carter helmet from Impact Props (one of the guys personal helmet) for several yrs.
Tried foam, but my cat kept chewing on it, so I gave up; however thanks to 3D printing, work on the armor for Carter and Kat for a friend has resumed.


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