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Ironman Foam Builds (info added on page 1 for foam builds) Update on helmet.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by drack, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. drack


    Ironman Foam Builds (info added on page 1 for foam builds)

    My MK VI so far.


    My MK V so far.

    Things needed to make foam armour.
    Click blue text for links.

    The HolyGrail of costume building.

    Pepakura. You need to download both the viewer and designer.

    Tutorial: Simple Armor Scaling

    Some tutorials I made on techniques I use. I hope to get some more done as not everything is covered in them. There are many others if you look around.

    Dracks Foam Technique Tutorial Part 1

    Dracks Foam Technique Tutorial Part 2

    Nice set of techniques by JFcustom Here

    A great tutorial on using the pep files for foam builds. XRobots - How to modify pepakura templates for foam

    For the lighting in the suit.
    Electronics Tutorial by Xrobots.

    List of materials, links are UK based. I am sure you can find all these things in other countries but I thought it would be good to throw this info in the thread as a guide on what you need to make a suit of your own.

    1. Foam Mats 10-12mm thick. I got a better deal than this. They seem to have gone up in price, Camping Mats 5-6mm thick & Craft Foam 1-2mm thick

    2. Blades. No.11s. You can get the handles here too. Also you can get cheaper blades on ebay but they snap easy and blunt easy. Swann Morton are the best I have found so far so sticking with them.

    3. Glue gun I use & glue sticks.

    4. Plastidip. Used for the first undercoat to seal the foam and give it that smooth base ready for part 5.

    5. Primer car spray and then the spray/paint you want for your finished paint scheme. Finally some lacquer to protect your piece and make it nice and shiny.

    6. Webbing & Buckles for strapping.

    7. There are many more materials I use/used but as you build your armour you will work out the bits needed for those extra touchs.

    8. Moulding Optional but thought an armour moulding link might help people out wanting to have a go


    Well guys I finally started the foam Ironman MK 5 suit. I was ill at home today and wanted to make something downstairs so I could watch movies with the wife. Got loads of scraps left from my Terminator build so here is what I have come up with so far.






    IMG_0216.jpg IMG_0222.jpg



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  2. GundamLoki

    GundamLoki Jr Member

    oh..wow. I have been following your Terminator build. And now this??? Good sir you impress me more and more. You're skill at manipulating foam and creating perfect shape and depth of the parts is almost second to none. And how fast you build these things is stunning. I cannot wait to see what else you can do. Amazing...just amazing.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  3. thorn696


    Awesome foam work.
  4. bebb

    bebb New Member

    very good man, cant wait to see the finished suit
  5. spartanx360

    spartanx360 Member

    haha, you actually started this, wel sir i wish you good luck because that looks one very hard to make suit.
    but it's already starting to look good
  6. evanmcorleytv

    evanmcorleytv Member

    haha Looks great!! I was wondering if someone would get around to making that suit!! GOOD LUCK!!
  7. Toja

    Toja Member

    I love the foam work, this gif test.gif a page right out of Argentina, has a tutorial if you are interested, I am command by the link, but this in Spanish
  8. drack


    Thank you for the comments guys :) Thank you for the Gif Toja its a sweet piece of mechanics.

    Today I started on my helmet so here is my progress (done from pepakura files not my own design).



    IMG_0233.jpg IMG_0234.jpg

    IMG_0235.jpg IMG_0236.jpg

  9. Toja

    Toja Member

    wow! to continue so for the purpose of this day is complete. great.
  10. drack


    Bit more to the helmet.


  11. SENTI3NT6

    SENTI3NT6 Jr Member

    WOW!! Amazing foam skills. Keep it up muh dude
  12. GundamLoki

    GundamLoki Jr Member

    Woah drack! You freaking tear this up! I can't believe how much progress you put out in such a short amount of time!

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  13. drack


    Thank you man. I think I am getting through this build so quickly and doing so well is because it's the build I always really wanted to do. Its complicated enough to make it challenging and I get full freedom as no Pepakure work. Ok I am using Pepakura for the helmet but I am going to be making some adjustments to it to jazz it up a bit.
  14. spartanx360

    spartanx360 Member

    make an laser attachement to the side of the head or something :p
  15. thorn696


    Nice, Very nice. This is already shaping up to be a great build.
  16. drack


    Thank you man. I will finish my terminator build honest! Just loving this soooo much. Wish my under suit would hurry up in the post so I can start attatching it. Although since the move cannot find my me sized manakin anywhere!!! Got my wife to wrap me in Plastic wrap, then tape me up, cut me out and bingo, manakin of me.
  17. Deadpool5

    Deadpool5 Jr Member

    Looks awesome! The helmet is turning out real good for foam!
  18. drack


    Thank you :)

    Here are some details I came up with this morning, although by the time most of you guys in the US see this I will have the rest finished too (fingers crossed). Just been out and bought a fine tipped soldering iron for my finer details. Will finish the rest if the helmet before I start to practice burning into the helmet or armour pieces.

    Man am I loving doing this build!!!! Wish I hadn't been so impressed by the shiny swoosh helmet on THIS SUIT < Click Me. Would be finished on this one by now, ah well live and learn.

  19. Toja

    Toja Member

    Just say...
  20. spartanx360

    spartanx360 Member

    in the youtube link he said: i made it in 2 weeks
    2 weeks my ass, that can only be true if he worked on it 2 weeks without sleeping at all
  21. Hahn solo

    Hahn solo New Member

    Not sure, but I think this guy "Anthonyle247" actually made a job out of prop building. I'm not 100% sure but I think he gets payed to make costumes. He's kind of a veteran.
    I think his helmet is great but your foam build is going to blow the rest of his suit out of the water
  22. drack


    LOL, I thought exactly the same thing.
  23. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Well-Known Member

    He did make it in 2 weeks, but he already had the pattern from the one that took over a year to make.
  24. drack


    Ah in that case, 2 weeks, what took him so long? :p
  25. drack


    Here it is :)

    All made but now I am gonna head down stairs and start learning how to do finer detailing with the soldering iron. I can not mess that bit up or its almost start again.........:angry



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